Hyland (pronounced He'-Lynd) Motorshop, is now a hobby business. I am officially retired but... I still like to work on motorcycle repair, specialize in refurbishment, one-off customization rebuilds. 

You pay for your bikes parts, want to get your hands dirty and I will supply the tools, expertise and beer.


Hyland Motorshop is an owner/operator shop.



Hyland specializes in complete rebuilds of older metric cruisers, converting them into clean one-off choppers with reliable performance, great looks and comfort built-in. 

The game-plan is to take an older motorcycle, customize it, enhance its look and performance while at the same time keeping costs substantially less than what is the normal cost for customizing the bike. 

The end result is a well performing customized chopper with a unique and professional look at a third to one-half the price of what can be produced in the industry.

A few customized items could include:

  • Engine enhancement, including:

    • fuel system

    • carburetion

    • exhaust system

    • heads, valve spacing, cam timing

    • final drive 

  • Frame design and alteration

  • Suspension, fork, triple-tree, handle-bar alteration

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Accessories plan and installation

  • Metal sanding, buffing and polishing

  • Paint and air-brushed designs


Hyland Motorshop can achieve greatly reduced rates as our overhead is low.





  • Change of oils
  • Change spark plug, as needed  
  • Coolant check
  • Change or clean air filter
  • Clean and adjust carb
  • Sharpen blade(s), small engine, as needed
  • Check compression
  • Starter rewind, small engine as needed
  • Verify running operation
  • Estimate for repairs, as required

Repairs: Could include:

  • Minor engine repairs
  • Engine overhaul (major disassembly)
  • Clutch and transmissions adjustments
  • Fuel system adjustment
  • Complete carburetor rebuild
  • Suspension, steering and brake repair
  • Minor motorcycle frame repair
  • Starter and ignition repair
  • Battery charging
  • Lights and instrumentation adjustment


Hyland Motorshop is conveniently located in the Deer Ridge / Deer Run communities in SE Calgary.



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Hyland Motorshop will provide detailed estimates on request. Cost will not exceed the estimate quote.

Hyland Motorshop does not do tires, nor do we work on crotch rockets.

Absolutely, positively NO crotch rockets!

Crotch rockets will be shot on sight!



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Hyland Motorshop Inc.:

Proprietor & President: CJ (aka Bumpsy):

Calgary, Alberta, Canada  


Bullard, Texas, USA



Inquries:  info@hylandmotorshop.com            

  Web Master: webmaster@hylandmotorshop.com        


Clan Wallace of Calgary:



 Hyland Motorshop is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or vandalized customer equipment. 

The customer leaves their equipment at their own risk.